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17 May 2010 @ 01:54 pm
I want to convert but the religion's too much for me.  

Plus, the bible is too expensive. Yet September Issue was like taking a sneak into the forbidden kingdom. Or finally getting a ticket to an R-18 film you have longed for since you were 12 or even 11 years old (LOL).

I've always been curious how Vogue works and this documentary by R.J. Cutler had given me that privilege. Amidst the glamorous clothes (or clothes, clothes, clothes everywhere) and the amazing photoshoots, I like how the director was able to mesh the character of each person working in Vogue (or at least, those who are important in producing the bible) with the production of the 2007 September Issue of Vogue. And vice versa. I also like how this docu made you feel like "Oooh, I know Vogue and what happens behind every ish"  with just showing a production of one issue.

Although you will adore the genius that is Anna Wintour all throughout the movie, you'll ultimately feel for Grace Coddington, Vogue's creative director. I envy Anna's decisiveness on which goes to the issue or not, what should be done or not (which makes me wonder if she ever had any regret on any move she made as EIC of Vogue), I love to bits the photoshoots directed by Grace. Apart from the photographer, I know that most of what happens on those shoots came from Grace's brain cells.

Plus, Anna's the ultimate poker-faced (and I mean that in a positive way because it just shows how professional she is, case in point would be meeting the director of Sienna Miller's shoot and if I were in her place, I would have snapped at the director but she was just preventing herself from showing too much disappointment and anger) and has a very domineering stare or air around her (which is justifiable because hullo, she's the EIC of Vogue LOL) while Grace was too romantic with her ideas, not afraid to show emotion (like disappointment when some of her pics were rejected) but at the same time keeps her composure, gives advices to juniors and knows that she needs to move forward along with fashion just as Anna does but knows her romantic self well. This makes her relatable for most people (like me ^^) unlike Anna the Pope (and there can only be one Pope y'know). But I love how both of them complements each other.

Don't get me wrong. I did not intend to compare their characters in the usual hero-villain comparison. I adore both but Grace is more relatable for an ordinary person like me. LOL. There's no hero, no villain. Just that I love the contrast of their characters. Hence, the previous paragraph. And I found it funny that Sienna Miller did not even steal the spotlight from these two (again, I like Sienna Miller but props to the director for making her unimportant a character).

Soooo. I like September Issue. I now have knowledge on Vogue issue production. And a glimpse on the life of their editors especially Anna Wintour. 
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