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08 January 2011 @ 11:05 pm
HAPPY 2011!  
It's another year again to hope and to live and to once again, create resolutions and promises. A new year that entails new chances for those who think they weren't good enough last 2010. That group includes me. :)

I would not make any specific resolutions. I just want myself to be more confident facing challenges in the months to come. And to be able to differentiate what's important versus what's urgent. And for me to prioritize the important over the urgent.

I must also spend less and enjoy the cheap or free thrills life may bring. To read more books than spending more time surfing the net and fangirling.

Hokay. I think I just made my resolutions without even realizing it. Powerful deity, kindly help me fulfill the aforementioned. :)
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